Agreement of Term of Use

Agreement of Term of Use

Agreement of Term of Use includes but not limited with an important service information, rights of the parts, responsibilities, exemptions and limitations of use as well as other terms and conditions therefor is recommended to be careful read. Before add and save your place on we recommend that the place owner is to obtain the information about the short term rent and hosting guests as well as in taxation  legislation and laws in the host’s respective country and according to them to take the necessary legal measures.

Agreement of Term of Use

  1. Definitions of Words field of activity and/or site content: the services, applications and facilities available to all users except for private information on

Visitor – natural or legal person/s who is not a registered member of  and who visits, uses the and related to it applications and services

Member - User - natural or legal person/s who is a registered member of  and who visits, uses the and related to it applications and services

Listing – the place which has been added by its owner whether by natural or legal person/s who is a registered member of  and who added or registered the place by using the and related to it applications and services

Place – places suitable for accommodations which has been added by  natural or legal person/s such as house/s,  a villa/s, an apartment/s, room/s or all similar to them

Guest  - natural or legal person/s who is a registered  member of  and who applies to the Listing owner (Host), or rents the accommodates, or make a booking by using the and related to it applications and services

Host ( Listing Owner)- - natural or legal person/s who is a registered  member of  and who adds or registers a Place  by using the and related to it applications and services

Contract ( Rental Contract) – an agreement made between the Host and the Guest aimed to declare the Host’s place’s rental and usage terms.

Review ( Comment) – mutual or seperate reviews and/or comments which are written by the mean of following  the rental and accommodation between the Host and Guest about each other.

Subject of the Agreement

1. Subject and Scope (Field of activity/ scope) of the Portal’s Term of Use Agreement

1.1  services which aim to bring together the registered  member who is a user and an owner of a place of an accommodation at located on website and who uses the’s services, applications and software's which are also made for  mobile phones or tablets hereinafter refers as a Host and the one who is registered at  and looking for an accommodation place at hereinafter refers as a Guest and in order to fulfill this services all other internet sites which are used online in connection to are the scope of the Portal’s Term of Use hereinafter refers as Field of activity/ scope

  1. 2 The aforementioned in this agreement terms and conditions are intended for the use of website. hereinafter refers as ““, “we”  or ‘our’ is a service provided for you (hereinafter refers as User) and oriented for use as database service with a certain characteristics.

1.3 By registering as a member at and by using any of the services provided by  you agrees and accepts the articles of the Agreement of Term of Use

1.4 Wiflap reserves the right in case of necessity in its discretion one sidely and with or without prior notice to change the terms of this Agreement. In this case (said changes can become a part of the agreement after informing the User) after the said changes is done and in case that User continue to take an advantage from using the and related to thıs portal services the made changes will be deemed to have been accepted by User and the changes which has been made made will become an integral part of this agreement. If there any changes to be done the will send an e-mail includes the new agreement text or the link to it and ıf there will be no abjections within the following 2 weeks’ time the new agreement will be considered as officialised.

1.5 Even if contrary to the interests of the individual person the change of this contract will be void unless accepted by the individual.

  1. and the services which are provided by it’s applications 

2.1 is an internet site and an online platform. As soon as real or legal person/s in made a free membership registration and the provided by them listing is been approved by, a house, an apartment, a room or other kind of the places aimed to be rent out for accommodation means can be entered to the system. Wiflap reserves the right in case of necessity in its discretion one sidely and with or without prior notice to make changes into the membership process .

2.2 internet site provides the online platform which offers to the Users to  enter the correspondıng rental advertisements. Rental agreement are to be entirely and solely made only between the place owner – Host and applicant for the rental advertisements (Guest).  Been not providing the accommodation opportunity Wiflap does not accept any rental offers. Wiflap cannot be a part of the contract which will be made between one of this site users and does not accept any of financial or moral case for compensation. Contracts concluded between users can unite only users.

2.3 Wiflap is not controlling the accuracy or legality or fullness or lacking of rental advertisements added by users to the site and cannot be hold responsible.

  1. Registration, User Agreement, Legal Actions Notifications

  2. 1 In order to benefit from the services provided by first of all one must made the user's membership registration. The membership is free and as a precondition the user have to accept the presented to him the Terms of Use Agreement. will provide the Membership agreement contains Terms of Use  to the User while its membership registration.  After the User has read the Agreement he should press the button stating that he has read and accept terms and conditions of the agreement therefore the Agreement between the Wiflap and the User will be concluded entered into the Agreement. The contract made between the User and Wiflap cannot be legally terminated.

In order the Users could use the platform more easily, basing on the User’s desire reminds the right to open an Mebmership User account on behalf of the User name and by opening such an account and provide that the User keeps taking an advantage of using such an account this  User will be deemed agreed and accepted the terms of Use agreements as if by his own.

3.2 The membership right is applicable for the natural and legal person/s who has no non-legal restrictions. Person who is under 18 years old cannot obtain the membership. The membership account can be registered only for a name of a single person (example: married couples or a families cannot be the owner of the membership). For those who may insist on a double named membership account the obligation of usage of a single e-mail address has been imposed.

3.3 When applying for a membership by filling in an online application form it is required that the User provides the complete, correct and updated information. Particularly name, surname, address of the place’s location, e-mail address and if there is a company than its title,  names of the company’s representatives and other required information must be entered into the system. Registration more that one membership account by using different names will not be allowed. While a membership registration each user will indicate its user name and a password. E-mail address or an internet site address or an obscene, offensive or vulgar worlds or sentences cannot be used as a User name. After the registration is completed the User receives an e-mail with the password and account name details. Whenever necessary reserves the right unilaterally to close the member's account which does not meet the terms and conditions on use. The member who's account will be closed due to his rules violation agrees and undertakes that he will not be claiming for any material and spiritual/morally rights compensations

3.4 Legal transaction notifications (example: confirmation/approval messages, changes in Agreement of Term of Use) will be sent to the User by the mean of e-mail service.

  1. User’s Responsibilities: User account, System Integrity

    4.1 Each User is responsible for keeping its account information accurate and updated. If there is a change in user’s data, user should make necessary updating into the system. A user account is not transferred or handover to another user or person or company. Each user is responsible for ensuring that their accounts are only be used by their selves. That is why each user are obligated to keep his accounts password information confidential.  The User who is an owner of its account  is responsible for any transactions conducted through his account. The User may be released from this responsibility only and only in case the his account’s information beyond his control has passed to the third party's hands.

If user finds out that his account information has passed to the hands of the third party he must immediately inform the support team. In this case said membership account will be block by and this account will remain closed until the problem is solved. All kinds of expenditures made from the account before it has been blocked are the responsibility of the user. If it turns out that the leaking of the User’s account information is the mistake of than user’s spendings will be meet by

Information obtained during the registration on in not passing through the comprehensive control, questioning of identity via the internet can be very limited. Despite all the security measures taken by the there is still a possibility that incorrect information may be provided to any user account. Each user are to convince the other user with whom he to make a rental agreement about the  accuracy of the identification information. Users should be held in conjunction with its system services and programs so that the security, integrity and continuousness of the system wouldn’t be affected. User cannot block, rewrite, change or interfere from outside with any of  the content or service created or provided by
in terms of system security and continuity reserves the right to block accounts or take all possible measures.  Users are responsible to store all the  necessary for hem information (in purpose of calculations or prove) apart from the source.

  1. Portal Usage, Compliance with Law

5.1 The User is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the Listing information which he has entered to the system. While adding the information about the listing user should fill in the membership registration form complete therefore to provide clear and enough informative data.

In addition, the property owner the Host may request other conditions such as an example a deposit, cleaning fee, cancelation (as probability). Information related to Agreement terminations can be found down here in "Agreement Cancellation" section. Users are obliged to comply with laws regarding the use of this portal. In this regard any unlawful case such as violating of the rights of third parties or libelous carrying offers will be prohibited by Each user is self responsible for keeping their offers legal and lawful and not violate the rights of the third person. The information which user has obtained by using and its services such as addresses, contact information and e-mail addresses and so on and so forth  can be used only and solid for the fulfillment of the rental contract and cannot be used at any other places or purposes. In addition, information obtained through the site can not be sold for money, especially for marketing companies. Site content can not be used in any way without a permission and may not be copied to any kind of other source. This unauthorized use and copying also applies to Search Engine Technologies and other automatic mechanisms.

  1. User Responsibilities, of Exemption / Privilege

6.1 Users are self responsible for the to be uploaded  to this site proposals and its contents such as photos and introduction texts. It must not have any nature which may damage third parties, human rights or violate the copyrights.

6.2 violations or similar actions in regard to Term of Use Agreement, users are exempt from all third party claims about a behavior. Based on this matter is not responsible for  any legal and/or for the court costs.

  1. Usage Rights

User, by adding to the system the contenr (video, text and photos) gives temporary and unlimited rights to for  transferring regarding the following:

Archival and database rights, examples: content archiving, storage and similar rights in different ways in digital way and so on and so forth.

Distribution rights and the right to share with the public: example: store the desired content, the right to copy or distribute by way of various media (internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, outdoor advertising, etc.)

Legal Prossesing, example: change the content as desired, shorten/limit, or to complete Link to other websites, and so open to use on mobile devices and so on and so forth.

  1. Internet Site Suitability and Replacement

8.1 Users have the right to use the site only in the context of the existing Technologies. Wiflap can temporary prevent the access/use to the site due to the security, integrity / accuracy, Technical limits, breakdowns or performance-enhancing interventions. in respect to the legitimate interests of users will inform them in advance in case of  these situations are accrue. cannot be in any way be kept responsible for any Material and moral damages which  may arise in such cases.                          

8.2 reserves the right to change the layout of the site while in doing so,will takes into account the interests of users.

  1. Offer settings, Enquiry,   Completion of Rental Agreement between Users, Violation of the Accommodation, Commissions, Reservation/Booking Cancelation

    9.1 If a User has entered the Listing to the internet site this will become a special issue that includes special conditions namely the invitation with a rental fee that should be completed/resulted with a Rental contract between the Host and Guest and in no way will  be binding For the Guest who wished to rent out the place, Host, intending to get the required payment and complete with a Rental Contract , will submit a proposal according to the given by him Listing information and required fee. If the Host within 24 hours by following the’s approval procedure will accept this offer a rental contract would have become official. In case of failing to respond to the offer by Listing owner within 24 hours the offer and the enquiry will become invalid.

9.2 If the agreement is achieved and the contract between both Users are made will sent to the parties of the contract an informative confirmation e-mail.  The contract information will be sent to its both parties, especially the information about the rental dates and information about the pricing will be provided. Total price consists of a rental fee and commission of Wiflap. Current fee rate can be find out by contacting All other remain issues (example: deposit, cleaning costs etc.) should be set and agreed between the users by the mean of negotiations.

9.3  Guest then pays the total cost to The payment can be done by money transfer/ electronic funds transfer, credit card and after the rental contract is been fulfilled  the Money will be withdrawn by the and be kept at a bank account for the host. In the case of payment hasn’t been done, the Guest is obligated to meet the’s damages caused due to the delay or non payment. Host, can not afterwards claim form the Guest  more than the amount specified in Listing.

9.4 Membership registration to Wiflap is free. Wiflap does not charge a fee for entry, but for future new Listing record registrations Wiflap reserves the right to apply a charge fees. In necessary cases can contact the Listing owner and after making an Booking Enquiry for any of the Host’s places can make a rental Contract for the Guest. In thıs case Total Price will include the rental fee and the Wiflap’s commission.

9.5 The payment of the Commission should be carried out immediately after the conclusion of the rental contract. User can make the payment by the money transfer/ electronic funds transfer or by credit card. The total amount with the rental fee is charged by If  this amount will not be received by the user will obliged to meet the damage costs arising due to his own fault.

9.6’s commission and fee procedure structure are non-negligible for User

9.7 cam change its commission rafet at any moment. will in advance notify  Users about such changes by e-mail. This changes are applicable fort he entire Agreement.

If user keeps  using and taking advantage from any of the services provided by  he agrees and accepts the relevant changes.

9.8 Hereby the User gives the right to the to pay the rental cost minus the’s commission 24 hours after the Guest’s arrival to the accommodation place. If the Guest hasn’t arrived to the place in dates shown in the rental contract the postponing of payment can be requested from the In this case in order to annul the contract the User who was intended to rent the place out must send an e-mail to with a brief explanations. In case of any dispute the date and time of the received e-mail will be determinative for

9.9 Hosts are responsible for the fulfillment of their tax liabilities arising from the rental income. Tax payments are to be done by their selves. Since is aimed to mediate between the Host and Guest its taxes liability will only be gained on the earned commission amounts.  

9.10 Host is obligated to provide the rental place for the Guests accommodation within the agreed dates. That is why as soos as the contract is done the Host and the Guest are to agree between each other where is the exect location of the place, how or by whom the key will be given and similar issues.    

9.11 A content and images presented on the rental property Listing must accurately reflect the place. It is forbidden to provide content or images or photos that will non accurately reflect the place.

9.12 Listing owners cannot give a link to another web page in the description of their place.

9.13 If there is a  mutually agreed cancellation, the cancelation term and conditions listed on Cancelation page will be valid,’s commission will not be refunded at any of cancellation cases. When making a booking the Guest is deemed to have accepted this condition 

  1. Rating (Reviews) System

  2. 1 Site provides the right to the Users to write reviews and rate each other after the rental procedure has been completed. This reviews and rating can give an idea about the reliability of these people to other users. Those reviews is the subject of’s control and in case if the content is unreal, false, wrong or includes any vulgarly statements it wont be in general displayed  

10.2 In order to comply with relevant laws user is responsible for avoid guiding amd making a honest and accurate reviews. There must not be any violation of the right of the third person or ant it must not contain any an obscene, offensive or vulgar worlds or sentences. Comments/reviews must be objective and have no place for the slander and criticism.

10.3 In the Rating (Reviews) System Users can make a reviews only in regard of the person or the rental service which has been provided via the site. No other topic or person can be the subject of this reviews.

10.4 will not interfere in Rating (Reviews) System unless there is no problematic issues or content. Rating or reviews will not be changed or deleted by  Rating or reviews cannot be changed after that have been entered to the system. Those Rating or reviews will be staying at the User’s profile at ratings sections for 2 years hence can be seen by other users. User, in case of making a rude, obscene, racist of shocking comments about other users will become a legally responsible. does not sensor or confirm the accuracy of the reviews therefor in no way cannot be legally held responsible for those reviews/comments.

10.5 If finds out that a review or a comment has been used in a bad way reserves the right to delete those review or a comment. will delete the review or a comment specially if the following conditions are met:

If there is a court decision against the person who made a review or a comment than the review or a comment related to that person will be deleted

If there are any an obscene, offensive or vulgar worlds or sentences in the review or a comment;

If a review or a comment contains another user's personal information (example: name, address, phone number, e-mail address);

If a review contains comments on investigation that started by Wiflap or its judicial bodies.

If a review or a comment contains comments on the investigation launched by or the judicial organs;

If the user accidentally has made a negative review about the wrong person, and by correcting this mistake will forward the negative review to the right person;

If a person who made a review or comment is under the age of 18;

İf  the account of the person who made a review has been blocked after 90 days. If the person will correct a mıstake due to which his account has been closed (example: non payment of the commission) İf both sides will reach the agreement reviews and comments can be recalled.

  1. Terms, Termination

  2. 1 User Agreement has no validation period.

11.2 User may terminate his Agreement of term of Use at any time. In order to pressed with Agreement of term of Use termination a brief message (fax, e-mail, letter) will enough.  All rental contracts which are made before the termination of Agreement of term of Use will not be effected. Same conditions are valid for the commission fee payments.

11.3 may terminate the contract within 2 weeks.

11.4 may terminate the user’s agreement, in the following cases:

If the User despite the fact that the reminder message about the payment obligation has been sent to him and he didnt fulfill his payment responsibilities

If the User fails to meet the Agreement’s terms and conditions

If there is a court decision about site current using termination

If Wiflap will close its internet site

  1. Precautions / measures to be taken in case of User’s failure to obey the Agreements terms and conditions

12. 1 In order to protect other users from fraud and if there are evidences that the User fails to obey this Agreement's articles and relevant legal provisions can take the following precautions:

Warn the User

Delete the User’s listing or other content related to him

Limit the User’a Access to the site

Block the user for the short period of time or lifelong prohibit the User’s access to the site.

12.2 Taking the precautions / measures will be taking into account into account the interests of users.

12.3 The rental contract which has been made before the listing deleting will not be effected. Same conditions are valid for the commission fee payments. If there is a proposal confirmed by a User which is been deleted by from the system than the rental contract cannot be made.  

12.4 A lifelong User’s access to the site can be prohibited in the following cases (possibly will sends a message explaining the situation to the user and will be asking to correct the users mistakes if possible):

If there are continuous negative reviews/ratings about a user in the Reviews system and there is the point into other User’s security question

If there is a wrong membership information especially wrong or invalid e-mail address.

If a User’s account has been transferred to another user

If user’s goods / furniture has been seriously damaged

12.5 If the access to the site has been life timely prohibited to the user, this blocked account cannot be restored, new account cannot be made or the other users account cannot be taken over

  1. Obligations of

13.1 is not responsible for users' behavior. is not responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations regarding the rental contract ant its conditions agreed between the users. is not responsible for non- fulfillment of the undertakings regarding the rental contract or any damages related to that contract.

13.2 is fully responsible for the malicious intent and gross negligence cases.

In case of an endangering the purpose of the execution of the contract or in primary or secondary liability of negligence at the end of the contract's responsibility is limited to typically foreseeable losses.

  1. Terms of Use of Fast Booking Management System

14.1 ‘Fast Booking Management System’ has been established by for easier booking managing for those Hosts who has more that one listing/place.

14.2 Use or not to use this system is a free will of the Host. All booking information entering like check-ins/check-outs, prices and so on and so forth are in full responsibility of the Host. It is beyond the general operations of and totally specific to the Host.

14.3 All ‘Fast Booking Management System’’s rights belongs to and along with this reserves the rights to change or remove this system if required

14.4 reserves the right to use the contact information which has been entered to this system to make its own advertise.

  1. Closing Provisions

15.1 The topics of this agreement has been created for the convenience only and must not be used to create a contract.

15.2 in part or in whole can transfer the rights and obligations set forth in this agreement to third parties.

15.3 This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

15.4 If some of the articles in this contract become invalid, the remaining articles will remain valid.

Invalid articles will be replaced with a new valid ones

15.5 In the scope of the User's Agreement all statements have to be sent to in writing by e-mail or letter. User’s membership account contact information especially e-mail address must be updated.

15.6 The translations of User’s Agreement to other languages have been provided only for the convenience and have no legally binding.

Only Turkish version is legally binding

  1. Cancellation and Refund Procedure

The provisions about Cancellation and Refund Procedure are defined at the new address under the Cancellation and Refund Procedure Topic name.