Verified Identification

Guests and property owners verify their identification by connecting their social network or by approving their personal information.

Profile and Reviews

Recognize your property owner or guest by the mediation of detailed profiles and verified reviews.


Use the messaging system to obtain information about property owner or to ask questions to guest about guest’s travel.

“Wiflap” fiction which we set up with the mission for changing accommodation comprehension and to shift people investigate cities, provides accretion value to national economy and gives positive value to household economics.

Secured Service System helps listing property and making books in easily, secure and cherry way. Takes verify for personal profiles and registirations and uses smart messaging system. So, guests and property owners can contact eachother without any anxiety and benefit from platform for collecting payments and sending payments.Learn more

Customer Support

Either you be a guest or a property owner, we are here for helping you before, instant and after your experience. At help center we tried to answer questions which are asked often about and you can contact with us by visiting communication adress for anything you wonder.

List your property on free, follow your bookings and start earning money. Get your payments in secured way.

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Stay Where You Desire

Maybe at a flat in Istanbul, or at a villa in Fethiye, or at a yatch in Dubrovnik, Wiflap recomments you the best place…

Travellers love

Thanks to you can stay in peace all around the World, visit any country you want.

Book A Place

Investigate more special and more independent way of travelling.

Find a place for staying

Just enter the destination where you go, select dates and use filters for finding a suitable place for your conditions. View all offers one by one for reaching detailed information for all accommodation opportunity. Add to favorites the place for finding easily next time.

We are showing pictures, profiles of owner’s and reviews for helping you to decide according to trustable information. Besides, we present you search filters for narrowing conditions as to place, price and location. For example, if you want to make a friend or stay with the owner of home, you can choose special room or mutual room. Or if you are looking for a place for fully personal go on and select all places filter. After filling your profile for giving an idea about what kind of guest you are to owners, you can send a reservation request by clicking send message to host or book now buttons, or you can use instant booking speciality for not waiting any confirmation by the owner of place.

Book your accommodation

You find the perfect place for stay and after controlling dates are available for your travel or not, you can go on and make your booking! Just click the “book now” and follow the steps.

Book now button sends a request for selected dates to the owner of selected place. The owner has right to accept or decline your request, or has right to ask questions about your travel. We send e-mail to notify you when the owner answers your request. Your request’s time finishes in 24 hours if the owner does not give an answer to you. Instant booking button provides confirmation for your request immediately and provides to close selected place at selected dates for next requests. We are sending you a receipt that includes your travel details, also your host can make a contact with you. Reach to host button provides to start a conversation about owner type and home type in a secured way of messaging system. You may use our messaging system for talking details of travel, request special price or asking questions about conditions of place.

Recieve Approval

The owner will accept or decline your reservation request after you complete your reservation steps. Reservation will be obligatory only after the owner accepts your request. Any payment will not be taken from your paypal account or from your credit card until your reservation completed and accepted by owner. You may book any property which has instant booking condition without waiting.

Don’t be sad if property owner doesn’t accept your request, you can try requesting to other property owner who has properties at same area.

Enjoy your travel

After your request accepted, you can immediately start your travel! Owner will meet you at place you booked, they will give information about the area and the key of home.

We are transferring your money to property owner after 24 hours from your check-in only if you make your check-in well, to be sure your reservation is secured.

Write a review

After your travel, help us to improve! We recommend you to write a comment because of helping new guests for making their decide easier. For writing a comment needs only few clicks.

After that, select the next place you would like to go and find a place on!

How It Works.

Hundreds of owners already rented their properties. Why don’t you try? Rent your flat, or a room which is not used, or just a couch and earn money!

Property Owners Like

You may rent your place easily if you have an available place thanks to You can registrate free and you can open on access to crowded people all around the world by listing your property.

How Can I Rent My Property? makes easier to rent your property which you not use.List your property free, get booking inquires and start being a host for people from all around the world!

List Your Property

You can list all of your home or just a room only after a few easy steps. You decide all details of your list including prices and rules. And if you want, you may use special discounts, weekly or monthly prices.

Don’t forget to add lowest prices of your property’s for lowest season. doesn’t demand money from property owners unless there is no “Infractions and Special Situations”. Thereby guests may rent your property at best price.

Guests make their searchs due to their need on holiday, therefore it helps you to take suitable guests to your property if you enter your conditions detailed and real. While you give information about your property, it is better to tell about area and facilities for example there is Wifi or not, etc. You may add informations about activities and transportation.

Get Bookings

Guests would like to make bookings who like your property! Guests may make bookings with two option, sending booking request or instant booking. Instant booking helps you to get bookings immediately without a request.

Choose Who Stay

Check guests profiles who send request for your property, send a message to the guest and give approval for booking.

Make It Easy With Instant Booking

You may use instant booking option to let some guests make bookings without waiting your response. Therefore you may get more bookings and more income.

Meet Your Guests

It is time to start preparing for your guests after get booking! Being a host on is the process which starts from cleaning up and setting an arrangement for giving the key of property to meet with your guests and giving information about area.

Making Ready Your Property

Be sure that you provide everything for a confortable stay like there is a prescription for internet Access, a map for transportation, cream and sugar for coffee, extra towels, clean property etc. You may make it special and surprise your at guests with a bottle of wine or a handwrite note when they come.

Get Your Payment

We transfer your payment to your bank account or paypal account automatically after 24 hours guests check-in to your property.

Therefore you get guests’ payments secured.

Write a review

True reviews are keystone of’s trusty people. You have 14 days for writing a review and sharing your experience about your guests. Plus, your guests also have the chance of reviewing you and your property!

The advantages of hosting on

User Profiles

You may learn more information before accommodation about guests who will come to your property and you may message to the guest.

Listing Properties on Free

You may list your property in easy and fast way and wait your guests from all around the world.

Online Actions provides you to get payments on time and secured.

Payment Options

You may get your payments directly to your bank account, Paypal or with EFT.


You decide who stay, when a booking inquiry come.

Get a Review reviews help you to gain more reputation.

Lead Guests With "Fast Calendar" presents "Fast Calendar" application where you may control your guests and follow your bookings on free.

This application is free.

Thanks to this application, you may control and follow your bookings which even you take from another agencies and see its occupancy rate, daily check-ins and check-outs.

Instant Booking System

Make bookings or take bookings without waiting response or messaging.

What Is Instant Booking?

With instant booking you don’t need to take approval from host. Instead of that, you can make your booking with a place which has instant booking option by choosing your travel dates.

Should I Use Instant Booking For My Booking?

It helps you to take more bookings for your available dates, because most of guests make bookings at last minute. Through instant booking, guests can choose reservation dates and make instant booking. After that, you only need to message with guests for check-in plans.

Secured Payment System

Your information is secured with SSL

Wiflap.Com Payment System’s payment system is designed for making payment transfer between guests and property owners easier and more secure.

Guests make payments when they make bookings.

Payments are passed through by our secured system and not sent to other side until guests make check-in. Payments transferred to property owner the next day after check-in.

It is obligatory to use wiflap’s payment system for booking and this lodges both sides according to agreement of term of use, reservation and cancellation policy, privacy policies.

Fast Calendar

Follow your guests and lead them

What Is Fast Calendar?

Fast Calendar System is a free service that you may lead your guests and follow reservations which you take from different places.

For example you have properties more than one. Got a direct booking for your property and suffering to lead them and to set them according to their availablity.

"Fast calendar" application is perfect for you which is improved by for you.

You may add your properties quickly, setting their available/unavailable dates in quick way.

You may list your all entries at one page, therefore you may earn more income with maximum strike.

Moreover you don't need pay any price for using this system.

Lead Your Lists Quickly

Reach calendar of all your lists' at one time. You may choose any date and look availability for those dates.

List your bookings to the system, change or delete guests' details, payment informations.

Lead your guests and job.