Wiflap.com, start up with innovation and commercial sectors analysis as a result of long research and designed to bring the this thought. Now Hosts or Travellers, add their places, create a free account, make a reservation for unique accommodation places where they want from Wiflap.com.

Who we are?

Wiflap.com is registered on behalf of Mytra Gayrimenkul and Tourism a website and a brand. We aim to be a brand with our real estate and tourism experience in the tourism sector in Turkey and Worldwide. We are located in Muratpasa district in Antalya.

Our Policies and Values

With unconditional host and guest satisfaction and lasting happiness being becoming a trusted brand in the international arena

Our Values and Mission is Individual and corporate development and emphasis on education for better service

Outsourcing and preferred to work in the international arena as well, is to continue to work as a corporate company.

Our community and our Values

Respect and Valuing the people and environment
Highly trusted environment
Leadership, growing and development focus
Knowledge management and production
Continuously learning and growing organization
Strong synergies with Free and interacting being a team
Internal and external customer satisfaction
Strong external networks and partnerships
Open structure to change